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In November of 2022, 1Died4All had the opportunity to travel to the bush area of Amboseli, Kenya and conduct a camp for the children of Maasai warriors. Amboseli is in the midst of a biblical proportion drought that has caused major food shortages. Livestock and wild animals are dying from lack of water and the impact on the children of this area is heartbreaking. 1Died4All held a 4-day camp for 70 boys and there were 36 decisions of faith in Jesus Christ at the conclusion of camp.


In 2018, Coach Moses Muge and his team began hosting camps in Eldoret, Kenya. At an altitude of 7,000 feet, Eldoret, in western Kenya, is known for producing runners that have incredible endurance and stamina and is a farming community that was hit hard during the global pandemic. Coach Moses and his team expanded their ministry to the youth of Eldoret by hosting soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, and basketball camps, expanding 1Died4All’s reach and impacting the lives of several hundred children and their families. In 2020 and 2021, 1Died4All provided basic food needs for many of the families of campers who attend the sports camps and were directly affected by the pandemic.


1Died4All held its first camp in Uganda in 2019. This 5-day camp had over 300 participants and 56 young people made a profession of faith at the end of camp. The campers competed in highly intensive workout sessions and received wonderful bible lessons during the course of the camp. 1Died4All returned again to Kampala in November of 2021 and held its second camp on the outdoor courts of Makerere University. We had 150 campers and praised God for holding back the rains the entire week of camp! 44 young people made a profession of faith and are being mentored and discipled.


In 2017, 1Died4All and Rancho El Camino hosted their first camp in La Paz, Mexico. Pete and Emily Johnson along with their amazing, intentionally multicultural staff minister to children who live in the areas surrounding the Ranch. An official initiative of TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission), Rancho el Camino utilizes 1Died4All camps to reach out into the community of La Paz and establish relationships with youths who are in need of help physically, socially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


This severely poverty-stricken area is plagued with health issues due to a lack of resources. 1Died4All began outreach in this area in 2020 by providing basic food, water, and basketball training for young people who were kept out of school as a result of the pandemic. Children from the surrounding ghetto areas are excited to have activities and receive food. Ministry in Luzira and Masooli continues through weekly meetings, impacting the lives and families of more than 100 young people.


In 2017, 1Died4All began partnering with Hope Church in Nairobi, Kenya which is strategically located next to the Kawangware slum, the second largest slum in Kenya. Residents struggle to survive on less than one dollar a day and many children in the slum do not attend school. Hope Church and 1Died4All have hosted camps and hundreds of young people have accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. Lives have been transformed and the outreach of Hope Church has been strengthened.


Nanyuki is located approximately 100 miles northeast of Nairobi and is a market town that specializes in trade. Situated just north of the Equator, Nanyuki is the home of Mount Kenya (Kenya’s tallest mountain) and receives rain most of the year. In 2021, 1Died4All partnered with Mount Kenya Baptist Church and held a camp on outside courts for the teens of Nanyuki. It rained each day, but the rain did not dampen the enthusiasm and the campers worked hard! The gospel was shared and although there were no professions of faith in Jesus Christ, the love of God was demonstrated to every camper and a seed was planted in Nanyuki!

"I have been to 1Died4All camps two years in a row. Everyone is so positive and I love hearing about God. Coach Mack tells the best stories." -Camper
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