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In 2022, 1Died4All partnered with Via Ministries USA in Globe, Arizona. Tom and Susan Talbot minister to residents on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation which is located about 90 minutes east of Phoenix, Arizona. San Carlos is one of the poorest reservations in the US with unemployment rates of 70% and more than 50% of residents live below the poverty line. In an area where substance abuse, addiction, crime and suicide are many times the national average, Via Ministries and 1Died4All partnered to minister to the children of the San Carlos Reservation.


Pastor Mike Smith, his wife Cindy and wonderful group of volunteers from Restoration Church, Hampton held their first 1Died4All camp in 2022. The camp was held at Phoebus High School, and we had several local university athletes from Hampton University and William and Mary volunteer at camp. Located in the Phoebus area, Restoration Church has a heart to reach people of all ages with the love of Jesus.


Trinity Church has been a prayer partner and financial supporter of 1Died4All for more than 10 years and in 2018, 1Died4All officially became a ministry partner of Trinity Church. 1Died4All has held camps at each of the campuses of Trinity Church and volunteers from Trinity Church have been the ‘hands and feet of Jesus’ at these camps. Trinity Church understands and embraces the ministry of 1Died4All, building upon relationships that are made during camp week, offering academic tutoring, ESL (English as a Second Language) classes and sharing the love of Christ by identifying specific local needs, and then investing in those needs to make a difference.

"So many camps give me the tools to be a better basketball player but 1Died4All gives us basketball and Jesus!" -Camper
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